Clergy - Fr. Haralambos (Bob) Fox

Fr. Haralambos was born Robert Fox in Las Vegas, Nevada. After high school, he moved to Los Angeles for his undergraduate studies, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from Occidental College and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics from CalTech. He later earned a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from USC.

While in college, two events happened that changed his life: he embraced the Orthodox Faith and was chrismated with the name Haralambos; and he met the love of his life - Joann Katsiotis. Fr. Haralambos and Pva. Joann were married in 1992 at St. Nicholas Church in Northridge, Califorrnia. They were both professional folk dancers and teachers with the Aman Folk Ensemble for many years until Fr. Haralambos left the group to pursue employment in engineering, and Joann left to give birth to their first child, Marika, in 1997. Throughout their young adult years, they were active in the Northridge parish - singing in the choir, participating in YAL, growing in their faith together, and nurturing a desire to study theology more deeply at the seminary in Brookline.

In 1999, they were blessed with the opportunity to follow an employment opportunity in Lowell, Massachusetts that led them closer to their goal of attending seminary. They temporarily settled in New Hampshire where their son Theophanis was born in 2000. Fr. took seminary classes part-time until the family was able to move on campus and enroll full-time. His greatest desire of serving the Church with all of his strength was realized when he was ordained a Deacon by Metropolitan Anthony of blessed memory in 2004, becoming the first clergyman to be ordained at the Monastery of the Life-Giving Spring in Dunlap, CA at one of the last two ordinations performed by Metropolitan Anthony. He returned to complete his senior year at the seminary and was assigned to the parish of St. Athanasius in Arlington, Massachusetts to serve with Fr. Nicholas Kastanas.

Following his graduation from the seminary in 2005, Fr. Haralambos was assigned to St. Nicholas Church in Northridge where he had first attended as a college student. He was ordained to the Priesthood in 2006 by Metropolitan Gerasimos, and continued to serve the parish in Northridge until 2010. In 2010 Fr. Haralambos was assigned as the Proistamenos of Sts. Constantine and Helen Church in Lancaster, California. He arrived at St. John the Baptist in September 2013.

When Fr. Haralambos was at seminary, he was assisted greatly by the then-Archdeacon Gerasimos. When he asked how he could ever repay the kindness, he was told "we don't ask for much in return, just your life." Since that time, he has sought to dedicate that life to ministering to others and opening up the treasures of our Faith to as many people as possible. He has a special love of serving the youth and young adults whom he doesn't see as merely the Future of the Church, but it's strength in the Present.