Ministries - Choir

Choir-Director - Elsa Libowitz

Choir practice on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at 1 PM.

The Senior Choir, under the able direction of Elsa Karakostanoglou-Libowitz, provides a wonderful addition to our beautiful church services. The members of the choir are proud to be honored to participate so actively in the life of our parish by adding a joyous, serious, and melodious component to our liturgical events.

[Music] And while the Saint John Choir can be happy about its long heritage of providing such a wonderful accompaniment to the services, the choir members all strive to improve the sound to the glorification of God. And, if you can judge from the rave reviews from some members of the congregation, the choir continues to improve. Even though they may be shy about saying so, some of the choir members seem to share that opinion. Elsa really works with us, and with each passing week we absorb a bit more and take it with us to our liturgical services.

To carry that thought just a bit further, Elsa would be delighted to work her musical magic with new members Ė people who love to sing and who love to be at services to worship. Also, itís worth mentioning that many of the current members sport a bit of grey hair, and itís fair to say that it would be nice to add some younger singers to the choir roster. Youíd be amazed at how much joy and fulfillment you can derive from the joy of singing as well as the opportunity to associate with others who share that joy.

So, if you think you might be interested in singing, please make sure to contact our director or any one of the choir members about coming to a choir session to see what is can be like. If you try it, you might like it.


Seated: Nick Christ

First Row — from left: Katerina Tseheridis, Karmen Evans, Maria Gialamas, Electra Christ, Josephine Zorzy, Maria Hilding, Dea Wemmer, Presbytera Joann Fox, Director/Organist Elsa Libowitz

Second Row — from left: Mike Brailas, Vasiliki Kapogianis, Dimitris Dalietos, Lena Grigoraki, Fr. Haralambos Fox, Gus Gialamas

Third Row — from left: Raza Kitsigianis, Peter Sargologos, Irini Grigoraki, Fr. John Kariotakis, Gabriela Kolias, George Kouloumbis, John T. Hadjis, Richard Cote

Not Pictured — Cantor John Mestakidis, Mary Futris, Elizabeth Hadjis, John G. Hadjis, Aristea Harbilas, Andromache Karanika