Ministries - Orthodox Faith Class


Orthodox Faith 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of the month, from 11 AM to 12:30 PM. Studies of the Faith are held at in the St John's Community Meeting Room. The Class on the Orthodox Faith is taking an in-depth look at the Divine Liturgy. This class is offered to all, but especially to those interesting in converting to the Faith.

Suggested Reading List on the
Orthodox Faith

The Orthodox Study Bible
St. Athanasius Orthodox Academy

Thomas Nelson Publishers
Nashville, Tennessee

Produced by St. Athanasius Orthodox Academy, this New Testament Bible includes interpretations based on Orthodox Tradition.

The Orthodox Church
Timothy Ware

Penguin Publishing

Written by Bishop Kallistos (Timothy) Ware.  This is the classic introduction to Orthodoxy.  He explains the Orthodox views on such widely ranging matters as Ecumenical Councils, Sacraments, Free Will, Purgatory, the Papacy and the relation between the different Orthodox Churches.

Beginning To Pray
Anthony Bloom

Paulist Press

"The realm of God is dangerous, you must enter into it and not just seek information about it..."  In this book, Archbishop Anthony Bloom explains how one comes closer to God through prayer.

Great Lent 
Journey to Pascha
Alexander Schmemann

St. Vladimir's Seminary Press

Lent is the season leading up to Pascha (the Feast of feasts).  This is one of the most important times of an Orthodox Christian's year.  In his book, Father Schmemann explains many of the beautiful services offered by the Church during Lent as well as the concept of fasting in preparation for Pascha.

Early Christian Writings

Penguin Books

Classic writings from the early Fathers of the Church.  Includes a translation of the Didache (or The Teaching) which is one the earliest known document on early church practices and beliefs.

A Manual of Eastern Orthodox Prayers

St. Vladimir's Seminary Press

Everyone should own at least one prayer book.  This one contains prayers in preparation for communion, daily prayers, prayers for special occasions, etc.

Orthodox Church: 455 Questions and Answers
Stanley S. Harakas

Light and Life Publishing

A concise and comprehensive handbook on the Orthodox Faith.  Thoroughly indexed and referenced.

The Way of a Pilgrim
The Pilgrim Continues His Way

New Sarov Press

This book has touched the hearts of many.  It's the story of a man (The Pilgrim) journeys to find the ability to "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:17).

Living the Liturgy
Stanley S. Harakas

Light and Life Publishing

If you have ever complained that you don't get much out of the Liturgy, fhis book is for you!  It is an exciting new approach to the Divine Liturgy providing an easy to understand, direct and simple guide to real liturgical participation.

Unseen Warfare
Lorenzo Scupoli

Light and Life Publishing

Written by a 16th century Venetian priest.  In the general rapport between Western and Eastern Christendom, it reached Nicodemus of Mt. Athos and later, Theophane the Recluse, both of whom edited and translated the work.  Rich in its references to the teachings of the saints and Fathers, "Unseen Warfare" combines the insights of the West and East on that spiritual compat which is the road to perfection.